The kindness of Christmas

“I felt like a proper mum for the first time ever.” It was the end of a busy week at the office when the post arrived one Friday before Christmas 2018. We opened a Christmas card and a crisp ten pound note fell out. The handwritten message inside stopped us in our tracks: “Dear Stripy […]

Giving a little boy a happy birthday

“Mum asked for a teddy. It doesn’t even have to be new.” One of our referral sources visited us and asked for some items for a little boy and his Mum. The boy was about to celebrate his 5th Birthday and the Mum had no means to provide him with any gifts. Recently fleeing a […]

The dressing gown gift

“I went to visit with him last week and he showed me his room. He has nothing in it except for a little rucksack which he packs a few clothes in for his stay each week.” This came from a request we received from a Social Worker we work with regularly. She was supporting a […]

Christmas will not be cancelled!

Christmas will not be cancelled! Imagine having to tell your children that they won’t be receiving any presents at Christmas. No presents at all. Children still in Junior school who wouldn’t have stories to share about the presents they received when they went back after the holidays. That was the reality for a local family […]

The party dress

This is a story which really tugged on our heart strings. At Stripey Stork we pack all the requests to order and pride ourselves with going the extra mile to find just the right items. This particular story is of a health visitor who asked us for a party dress for a 5-year-old-girl. She had […]

More than just a buggy

A family already overwhelmed by the immediate medical needs of their new baby, now faced the seemingly impossible task of financing an expensive pushchair – the only model suitable to accommodate the medical equipment their daughter so desperately needed. This was the reality before the nurse from Croydon’s Children’s Hospital at Home Team (CHAH) reached […]

The bigger impact

This case study was kindly prepared by one of our referral partners. I was supporting a family who were struggling with disability, ill health and debt. Mum felt burdened by her circumstances and resigned that life would always be difficult. A referral was made to Stripey Stork for all basic items which were promptly supplied […]

Turning a corner

This case study was kindly prepared by one of our referral partners. One family I came across were struggling in many ways. Mum was very low, in debt and in poor housing. She was overwhelmed by her circumstances and felt she couldn’t meet her children’s needs. They had no curtains, no bedding, inadequate clothing and morale […]