Other ways to help Stripey Stork

Some people don’t have baby items to donate but would still like to support us in some way.

One way is to help us provide extra items for families and volunteers. 

Items we can add to our pre-loved packs - new nappies, wipes, creams, lotions etc. We use these to make up mini hampers.

Treats for parents – new and unopened shampoo, body wash, moisturiser, lip balms etc. We like to include a pick-me-up treat in our referral packs.

Refreshments - coffee, tea, biscuits etc. We can share these with our team of volunteers when they are helping out at Stork HQ.

All the help we receive is very much needed and appreciated; thank you for doing your part. Please get in touch at info@stripeystork.org.uk if you have any queries on how to help.

There are plenty of other, more imaginative, ways you can help us raise funds. Here are some ideas...