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We are excited to be able to accept public donations once again! We have limited space to quarantine donations and volunteers available to help sort and check these. To help us manage the flow of donations, please book a time slot using the button below and only bring items from the current monthly wish list. Thank you!

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Donation sessions

In March, the upcoming donation dates are:

  • Friday 12th March – 10am-1pm (slots every 15 minutes)
  • Friday 19th March – 10am-1pm (slots every 15 minutes)
  • Friday 27th March – 10am-1pm (slots every 15 minutes)

March wish list

Clothing – Boys

0-3m – Jumpers/cardigans
6-9m – Babygrows
9-12m – Long & short sleeved tops
18-24m – Shorts, trousers, vests, pyjamas
4-5yrs – Trousers, jumpers, hoodies
5-7yrs – Trousers
7-8yrs – Trousers, shorts
8-9yrs – Trousers, hoodies, shirts
10-11yrs – Hoodies, shorts, trousers, pyjamas
11-12yrs – Trousers, pyjamas
13-15yrs – All clothing

Clothing – Girls

0-9m – Jumpers/cardigans, pram suits
9-12m – All clothing except dresses
12-18m – Jumpers/cardigans, shorts, skirts
18-24m – Jumpers/cardigans
2-3yrs – Jumpers/cardigans, T-shirts, dresses, lightweight coats
3-4yrs – Jumpers/cardigans
6-7yrs – Trousers/leggings
7-8yrs – Trousers/leggings, skirts, shorts, long sleeve tops, lightweight coats
8-9yrs – Trousers/leggings, tops, skirts, shorts, pyjamas
11-12yrs -Trousers/leggings, skirts, shorts, dresses
12-15yrs – All clothing

Other items

Stairgates – pressure fit type only
Baby sleeping bags – size 0-6m only

Important notes when donating

  • We are located in Reigate, Surrey and unfortunately cannot offer a collection service.
  • Please do not bring donations at any other time and absolutely no donations to be left outside the warehouse when we are closed, thank you!
  • We are operating a ‘drive thru‘ system – donors will drive into the car park and remain in the car, we will open your car door/boot and remove your donations. All donations will then be quarantined for 72 hours.
  • Please adhere to social distancing rules when dropping off, by wearing a face mask and only travelling to us if you are symptom-free.
  • It will be a great help if you follow our usual guidelines for donating items – ensure all items are freshly laundered, pre-sorted by age/gender and in a condition which you’d be happy to donate to a friend. This means that we won’t put a strain on our already limited resources and we can re-home your items quickly. For more information on making a donation, see How to Donate.

We know you all have lots of items to offer, so we’ve prepared a page to show you where to take the items we are unable to accept at the moment – Other places to recycle and reuse in Surrey.

We also have an Amazon wish list of new items which we continually need to complement our pre-loved packs. The list is regularly updated as our stock changes and items are delivered straight to us where they are readily distributed.

Please email [email protected] if you have any queries.

Thank you for your support Team Stork

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