The party dress

Party dress

This is a story which really tugged on our heart strings.

At Stripey Stork we pack all the requests to order and pride ourselves with going the extra mile to find just the right items. This particular story is of a health visitor who asked us for a party dress for a 5-year-old-girl. She had started in Reception that year but Mum had admitted that she had been declining all the Birthday party invitations received as the little girl didn’t have the right clothes to wear. Mum didn’t want her to stand out and so it was easier just to decline.

Our founder Nicola Dawes’ daughter was of a similar age to this little girl, and remembers how sad she felt that she was missing out on all the fun and making new friends at such an important time.

The request was so easy for us to fulfil – we had a selection of lovely dresses, as well as sparkly shoes and even a few little bags – but the health visitor talked about how the social impact for this family would be significant.

We hope the little girl had lots of happy times in her dress, and is growing up to be the confident little girl that she should be.

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