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This case study was kindly prepared by one of our referral partners.

I was supporting a family who were struggling with disability, ill health and debt. Mum felt burdened by her circumstances and resigned that life would always be difficult. A referral was made to Stripey Stork for all basic items which were promptly supplied along with some extra items for mum.

When I next visited I noticed that although the family had no storage that the clothing had been carefully folded and that several items had been washed and were hanging up to dry. Most importantly in a cold house the baby was warm and well-wrapped.

A year later and there has been a significant change in this family’s circumstances. Mum decided to leave the abusive relationship she was in, has started a part time job and is paying off her debts. Above all she smiles when I visit and her baby is happy and sociable. She lives in simple accommodation which she has made homely and her baby is meeting all developmental milestones.

It’s hard to say exactly what enabled this mum to turn her life round but I think the deliveries from Stripey Stork had a far bigger impact than just meeting a practical need.

“…for every family that Stripey Stork help there is an impact, even if it is just to ensure that the children are adequately clothed. I cannot tell you how humbling it is to be able to meet the needs of those for whom life has not been so fortunate. Stripey Stork are the most amazing charity who are making a real difference to people’s lives.”

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