Donating pre-loved items to Stripey Stork

We are grateful to live in a community where people want to help other families in need by donating pre-loved items to Stripey Stork.

Questions about donating pre-loved items to Stripey Stork? You will find lots of information below. As a small charity we are not resourced to offer a collection service.  There is, however, parking available at our offices and someone from our team will be happy to help with the unloading and carrying of items from your car.

Occasionally, we may be unable to re-home donated items. If this is the case, we reserve the right to sell such items and use the funds to help us to support local families in need.

Our June wishlist

Donation sessions:

- Friday 7th June
- Friday 14th June
- Friday 21st June
- Friday 28th June
Please book a 15 minute slot.

Step 1

Please check our wish list for items we currently need. If an item is not on this list, it means we are currently well stocked. For queries on donating pre-loved items to Stripey Stork please email

Step 2

If you want to donate a bed, travel cot, Moses basket, highchair, buggy or pram, please take a look at our safety guidelines to ensure it meets the necessary requirements. Please also include and secure the instruction manual - see our library of instructions if you can't find the original copy.

Step 3

Come along to one of our weekly donation sessions. Please book a time slot using the button below.

Additional information for donating pre-loved items to Stripey Stork

The sizes we stock range from Newborn to age 18.

We kindly ask that all clothing is freshly laundered, sorted and bagged by size/gender.

We do not have adequate washing facilities on site, so any clothes which are unclean will reluctantly have to be passed onto another charity. If clothing or linen has been in storage, please freshly wash before donating to us.

Sometimes we get asked whether people can knit baby clothes and blankets for us – we love these items but please ensure no buttons are used (they can be a choking hazard) and a note of the type of wool used is included (for washing and allergy reasons).

Stripey Stork prides itself on passing on items in great condition. It makes all the difference to the person on the receiving end. If you are not sure whether your clothing donation is suitable or not, a good barometer is would you give it to the children of a good friend? If the answer is yes, we are happy to receive it.

We rehome toys, games, puzzles and books for children up to the age of 18.

Please ensure toys and soft toys carry the CE safety mark, which is a declaration that it complies with safety requirements.

All toys must meet strict safety requirements, whether they are new or second-hand.  Toys must not:

  • Be made of flammable materials.
  • Have sharp edges or points.
  • Have easily detached parts or features (eyes, buttons, stuffing etc.).
  • Contain toxic substances, or be painted with toxic paints.
  • Operate at more than 24 volts.

Toys should be designed and manufactured to meet standards of hygiene and cleanliness and avoid any risk of infection, sickness or contamination. To avoid suffocation, plastic bags used for packing toys must be too small for a child’s head, and should be made of plastic which is of sufficient thickness not to pose a suffocation risk. Small parts are a choking hazard to children under 36 months of age.

If you would like to donate your pre-loved small soft toys, please wash them beforehand.

Please include the adjuster screws and bolts, suction cups for mounting on the wall, extension bolts and any other small parts, in a clear plastic bag, secured to the gate.

If you do not have the instructions then please look through our library of instruction manuals or search online, print and attach to the item.

Other, larger items

For some items there are more complex safety requirements, and to save time and energy we ask you to check specific safety standards before donating.

If you have a cot, cotbed, toddler bed, crib, travel cot, buggy, pram, highchair, Moses basket, please check out our Safety Guidelines page to ensure the item meets the relevant safety criteria.

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