Donating items to Stripey Stork

We are so grateful to live in such a kind community where people are keen to pass on their pre-loved items to other families in need of a helping hand right now.

As a small charity we are not resourced to offer a collection service, but there is parking available at our offices and someone from our team will be happy to help with the unloading and carrying of items from your car.

Occasionally, we may be unable to re-home donated items. If this is the case, we reserve the right to sell such items and use the funds to help us to support local families in need.

Step 1

Please check our wish list for items we currently need. If an item is not on this list, it means we are currently well stocked. For any queries on items to donate email

Step 2

If you have a cot, pram, pushchair or highchair, please ensure it passes our safety checklist. Please include and secure the instruction manual for larger items - see our library of instructions. See also additional information for such items at the bottom of this page.

Step 3

Come along to one of our weekly donation sessions. If you can’t make one of these, an alternative day/time can be arranged.

Upcoming donation sessions...

Please note, there are donations sessions running during August.
Referrals since opening in 2013

Help Stripey Stork when you order on Amazon!

We always have a current Amazon wish list of essential new items needed to complement the pre-loved items we rehome. It’s a hassle-free, affordable and effective way to help, with items delivered directly to our offices.

The bigger impact

This case study was kindly prepared by one of our referral partners. I was supporting a family who were struggling with disability, ill health and debt. Mum felt burdened by her circumstances and resigned that life would always be difficult.

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Additional information for donating items

We stock sizes from Newborn to age 16.

We kindly ask that all clothing is freshly laundered, sorted and bagged by size/gender.

We do not have adequate washing facilities on site, so any clothes which are unclean will reluctantly have to be passed onto another charity. If clothing or linen has been in storage, please freshly wash before donating to us.

Stripey Stork prides itself on passing on items in great condition. It makes all the difference to the person on the receiving end. If you are not sure whether your clothing donation is suitable or not, a good barometer is would you give it to the children of a good friend? If the answer is yes, we are happy to receive it.

We rehome toys, games, puzzles and books for children up to the age of 16.

All new toys are required to bear a CE mark, which is a declaration that the toy complies with safety requirements.

All toys must meet strict safety requirements, whether they are new or second-hand. Generally speaking, toys must not:

  • Be made of flammable materials.
  • Have sharp edges or points.
  • Have easily detached parts or features (eyes, buttons, stuffing etc.).
  • Contain toxic substances, or be painted with toxic paints.
  • Operate at more than 24 volts.

Toys should be designed and manufactured to meet standards of hygiene and cleanliness and avoid any risk of infection, sickness or contamination. To avoid suffocation, plastic bags used for packing toys must be too small for a child’s head, and should be made of plastic which is of sufficient thickness not to pose a suffocation risk. Small parts are a choking hazard to children under 36 months of age.

If you would like to donate your pre-loved small soft toys, please wash them beforehand.

Please ensure that the cot is no more than 10 years old, if it is then it’s unlikely to conform to safety standards.

Check that the rails and base slats are present and are not splintered or otherwise damaged.

Any metal rails or bars should not be bent or damaged.

Please supply dismantled. Assembly instructions MUST be provided with the cot and all screws/fittings placed in a sealed bag and securely attached to the cot frame.

If you do not have the instructions then please search online as many are available to print, or email with details of the manufacturer/model and we will advise if we are able to source them.

Please ensure that the highchair is no more than 10 years old, if it is then it’s unlikely to conform to safety standards.

We can rehome highchairs if they have a tray, safety harness, are sturdy and secure, with brakes if on casters and are clean.

Please ensure the item is no more than 10 years old, if it is then it’s unlikely to conform to safety standards.

Please clean the item before donating to us. We do not have the manpower to clean every donated buggy, therefore outsource this when required. If you are unable to clean your donated buggy, we kindly ask you to consider making a financial contribution to the professional cleaning cost. 

Please ensure the following safety points have been checked:

  • There are no sharp edges or points.
  • The folding chassis must have a primary and secondary locking device which both engage and work properly.
  • The safety harness is in good condition, secure and the straps are not frayed.
  • The wheels are secure and there is no evidence of any heavy wear on the edges of wheels.
  • The parking brake works both forwards and backwards, and engages properly.
  • It is stable in all directions (forwards, backwards and sideways left and right).
  • The tubes or linkages have not been bent by heavy impact with kerbs or stairs.
  • There should be no way of small fingers becoming trapped in any exposed tubes.
  • The permanent label headed ‘Carelessness Causes Fire’ should be present indicating compliance with the flammability requirements. If not, the item will have to be rejected as all upholstered items must comply with flammability labelling.

Please include the adjuster screws and bolts, suction cups for mounting on the wall, extension bolts and any other small parts, in a clear plastic bag, secured to the gate.

*** Important Notification ***

We are not accepting donations during August, a new wish list will be published in due course for September. Thank you!