Fundraiser's spotlight

Shining a light on our fundraising superstars. Whether it’s weird or wonderful, or both, they deserve a shout-out for their awesomeness. We couldn’t do what we do without them. They are the wind beneath our wing. 

If you’re feeling inspired to take action/get active, we’d love to hear from you…

Stripey's latest shining star is...

Caitlyn: age 11

Caitlyn is one of the most kindhearted souls we are lucky enough to know at Stripey Stork. Her Birthday is in March, with 2021 being the year she turned 11! As like in 2019, she didn't want anything for herself, but instead asked for monetary donations from friends and family so she could help Stripey Stork. She had a plan! She wanted to source and buy new art stationery for the Easter bags being given to disadvantaged local children, to keep them entertained over the school holidays. Her efforts have raised an amazing £320 and she's used every penny to lovingly prepare 40 Easter bags herself. Thank you Caitlyn for making a big difference once again, you are one special lady!

Andrea: absolutely fabulous

Andrea is fabulous in every way. So it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to us (but it did) that when her husband asked what she wanted for her Birthday in early March 2021, she replied: “A donation to Stripey Stork please”. Queue a £100 donation to Stripey Stork. Andrea is one of our regular and longstanding volunteers who’s been a great help keeping our service going through the COVID-19 crisis, as well as being one of our Santa Stork shining stars. We feel lucky every day to have Andrea on Team Stork.

Lois: an awful lot of pants

Long time volunteer Lois had a lockdown Birthday back in January 2020 and knowing there was nothing she genuinely needed for herself, she knew Stripey Stork needed pants! So she selflessly asked friends and family for new children’s underwear donations instead of gifts. It was their way of still wishing her a happy Birthday and her way of giving back. These donations of socks, pants and vests were much-needed, which of course Lois knew, and we were able to use them in our clothing packs straight away. Lois – always thinking of others!

Scarlett: virtually riding with her cycling crew

Scarlett and her virtual cycling buddies definitely earned their stripes in December 2020, smashing their 250km target by collectively cycling 283km over 4 days. They raised a jaw-dropping £660 for Stripey Stork plus match funding (and the equivalent amount for Renewed Hope). We are so proud of them wanting to make a difference in this way, whilst keeping active at the same time, especially when restrictions wouldn’t allow them to be together like they usually would. A positive experience to come out of lockdown and hopefully one they’ll remember forever.

Kelly: banging out tunes for 24 hours

Kelly from Boogie Monsters – the local rock band for children – took on the challenge of her life in December 2020. She pledged to go live on Facebook for 24 hours, singing and playing requested songs non-stop. It was amazing! She was never alone, even in the middle of the night she had friends and supporters join her, from as far as Australia. Her talents raised an amazing £1,670 which was split between two local charities close to her ever so big heart: Stripey Stork and George and the Giant Pledge. Boogying the night away – she is one

Taran & Hrithik: charity auction

Brothers Taran and Hrithik were due a sort out of their unwanted clothes and toys, but it was the motivation of doing this to raise funds for Stripey Stork which was what they needed. At the time Stripey Stork had put a pause on accepting donations due to COVID-19, so they did the next best thing. They organised a charity auction amongst friends and family via Zoom and raised an impressive £64, whilst also giving their good condition possessions a second life. Sound familiar? We love how they used our ethos to benefit Stripey Stork. Well done boys!

Richard: our feisty marathon runner

The cancellation of the London Marathon 2020 didn’t stop our marathon runner Richard Feist from going the full distance. He ran the many, many laps around Merstham Cricket Club ground in the virtual London Marathon’s #The40thRace instead. Team Stork turned up to show our support, as well as his local entourage of followers, to keep this local legend going throughout the day. He persevered through the non-stop rain and we are so proud that he finished. What an achievement and what a guy for raising £5,846 for Stripey Stork.

Sophie & Imogen: a no sweat money-maker

The summer of 2020 was a hot one and with COVID-19 restrictions still in place, opportunities for the kids to entertain themselves were limited. We loved hearing how young supporters Sophie and Imogen turned their crafting skills into a money-spinner for Stripey Stork. After making some highly effective fans for themselves, they decided to create a variety of different designs and sell them, contact-free, to their neighbours for £1 each. They made £28 in total and managed to keeping their neighbourhood cool. Everyone was a winner!

Paul: walking the Stork’s wing

We’ve had some weird and wonderful fundraising activities done in the name of Stripey Stork, but Paul’s wing walk has to be top of the list. In July 2020 he challenged himself to a formation wing walk; two aircrafts in a mini airshow with him strapped to the wing. He only went and did it, raising over £1,000 in the process! This wasn’t the first time he’d taken to the skies for us, in 2019 he also strapped himself to a plane’s wing whilst it looped the loop. Crazy but he’s our kind of crazy!