Turning a corner


This case study was kindly prepared by one of our referral partners.

One family I came across were struggling in many ways. Mum was very low, in debt and in poor housing. She was overwhelmed by her circumstances and felt she couldn’t meet her children’s needs. They had no curtains, no bedding, inadequate clothing and morale was very low.

Above all she had no energy and nursery attendance for the children was poor. Consequently the children were unstimulated and had delayed development. As a result of all this Mum did not want the health visitor interfering in her life!

I made a referral to Stripey Stork and immediately received bedding and clothing. I had mentioned that the children had a long walk to nursery and two brightly coloured scooters appeared.

I delivered the items to mum, helped her make up the beds and left. When I returned a few weeks later I noticed the house was a little cleaner, the children were up and dressed in their newly acquired clothing, and mum was a little less hostile.

Fast forward a year down the line, the warm clothing and furry boots that were given and the scooters helped a great deal, their nursery attendance is now excellent. Mum has received several more items from Stripey Stork and has set about improving her housing herself. The children are well presented and mum talks animatedly about their progress. They are now well on their way to reaching their developmental milestones and demonstrate school readiness.

When I reflect on this case I know that giving the items had a far bigger impact than just addressing physical needs, it helped mum get back on her feet and strive to do her best for her children. It also made my job visiting a whole lot easier.

“These children are now thriving and I believe  Stripey Stork played their part in helping someone find the energy to turn a corner.”

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