If you work to support families or children who are vulnerable or experiencing hardship in Surrey, or the surrounding area, then you can make a referral to us on their behalf.

Please note, we do not work directly with individuals or families. If you are in need of help, please speak to a direct support agency such as your home school link worker, local children’s centre (find your nearest Surrey children’s centre), housing support, family support, health visitor or social worker.

Our service is free of charge and there is no assessment criteria, but items will need to be collected from our offices in Reigate by the referral partner.

We are always quick to respond to the referrals we receive as we know all too well the urgency behind these requests.

Here's how to make a referral

1 From your work email account, please email with a list of items needed and supporting information:

  • Age/gender of each child (indicating if a different clothes size is required).
  •  Any known interests for each child so we can customise the bundle accordingly.
  • The borough/postcode of the family.
  • The reason for the referral.
  • If the request is urgent/when the items are needed by.

2 Once the items are ready, you will be contacted. Our storage space is limited so we would appreciate it if items could be collected promptly. Our offices are open for referral collections term time only, Monday to Friday 9:30am-1pm. See Contact page for more details.

Please allow plenty of time to be shown how to assemble and operate the larger items, such as cots and prams. 

A rule which we live by at Stripey Stork is that our recipients should feel like they are receiving a gift and not a hand out, so all of the pre-loved items we re-distribute are clean, stain-free and in good working order.

As well as our day to day operations, we are well-placed in our community to undertake specific projects as the need arises.
See blog posts on our Bags4School, Easter Bags and Stork Sacks projects.

Referrals since opening in 2013
Referrals so far this year

Essentials for babies & children

Our warehouse is well-stocked with new and pre-loved items, so we are able to provide all of the essentials needed for babies and children. For a list of the items we stock (and don’t), please refer to the below list. There may be a waiting list for some of the larger, more popular items, such as prams.

New baby packs for expectant mums

We can also provide beautifully packaged new baby packs for the expectant Mums on your caseload. And, whenever possible, we like to include some ‘pick-me up’ items for the parents/carers - if you feel they would really benefit from one of these, please let us know.

School items

We understand that buying school items for children can be a costly overhead for parents who are already struggling, which is why we have collated this list of school items we can usually help with.
See our ‘Ready4School’ blog for more information.

We feel privileged to have helped many thousands of families to get back on their feet. See for yourself the impact of some of our Stork Stories.

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