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Has your family received help from Stripey Stork - either through a bundle of items or one of our seasonal campaigns? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

Recycling pre-loved family items is what we do and we want to do more of it. That’s why we’re eager to hear directly from our supported families, so we can learn more about how this has helped them. This, in turn, will help us to continue our vital service and reach even more local families in need. 

See Stork Stories below for examples of how we’ve sympathetically and anonymously told our families’ stories. We’d really appreciate it if you’d consider completing the below feedback form, or if you’d prefer to speak with someone directly, then we are more than happy to arrange.

Life under lockdown #4

“With the children in lockdown and not going to school, the families are all stuck in one room, going stir crazy. It is affecting their mood and their sleep.”   This week, we caught up with Lisa Gavin from Children &

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Your story - from one family to another

Please only answer the questions you feel comfortable with. Even answering one question helps us to attract more support and donations.

Life under lockdown #8

A fundraiser’s perspective – from one of our young supporter’s Ava-May At the beginning of May we were contacted by the Malik family whose (now) 8 year old daughter, Ava-May, was determined to make good use of her time during

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