Stripey Stork's School Days Appeal

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Help us make sure that all children are ready for school

Through our ‘School Days’ appeal we’re aiming to support as many families as possible with the school supplies that children need to embrace school life and make the most of their education. We believe that a child thriving at school should not be dependent on their family circumstances.

With the ongoing cost of living crisis, the cost of school essentials remains a big issue for families and this year we are expecting more requests than ever.  We often hear about children who avoid telling their parents that they need items for school, because they know that funds are tight and their parents simply can’t afford them. 

How you can help

With your help, we can provide: 

  • Filled school bags, containing water bottles and age-appropriate stationery (including that all important exam pencil case and maths set for older children).
  • School Uniform and PE Kit (non-branded / non-logo only).
  • School Shoes and PE Trainers

We also recognise that the true cost to families of a school day includes other things too – like coats, lunchboxes, period products, forest school waterproofs, wellies and more, so we will work to make these items available too, where possible.

In 2023, we helped 2,650 families and 4,154 children with school support…

Giving out 1,829 school bags, 1,810 pairs of school shoes/trainers and 6,893 school uniforms!

How you can help

You can help us as an individual by donating uniform, stationery or money. Alternatively, you can get your school community involved and organise a donation drive at your school. If you would like more information on organising a donation drive please email


We are looking for donations of new or pre-loved school uniform, PE kit or shoes and stationery. Please see our wish list below for items that we need. You can donate as an individual or as part of a donation drive organised by your school.


Step 1
Please check our wish list below for items we currently need. If an item is not on this list, it means we are currently well stocked

Step 2
Come along to one of our weekly donation sessions. Please book a time slot using the button below. Please contact us if you are unable to make a donation slot

If you have organised a donation drive at your school, then please email us to arrange delivery

School Days Wish List

If you have any questions about what we can/can’t take, please email to check. Thank you


If your school or workplace would like to organise a donation drive, we’d love to hear from you. We would be happy to help with designing posters and you might like to borrow our mascot, Stripey for the day. Email or see how we work with other schools for inspiration .

How we can help you

If you work in a school and would like to make a referral on behalf of a family, please visit our referrals page