Stripey Stork FAQs

We put together a list of answers to the FAQ’s we regularly get asked about Stripey Stork donations.  You will also find lots of answers here to popular questions about our work and information regarding acceptable items, instructions manuals and donating money. 

Please select from the drop down menus and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

donations of toys clothes

The best way to get items to us is at the weekly donation sessions held at our Reigate offices (we have moved from Redhill!).

Check out our Donate Items page for details of our upcoming donation sessions.

We are located at:
51a Albert Road North

Please let us know if you are planning a visit to drop-off (if not at one of our weekly donation sessions) or collect so we can agree the most suitable times.

Contact Us

We do not work directly with individuals or families. If you are in need of help, please speak directly to a support agency such as your home school link worker, local family centre (find your nearest Surrey family centre by borough/district), housing support, family support, health visitor or social worker, and we will be glad to help.

Although primarily we support families within Surrey, if it’s logistically possible we will always try and support families regardless of their location.

It’s worth checking our map of other UK baby banks to see if there is one closer to you before contacting us.

See the map of UK Baby Banks.

We rely on our donors bringing their items to us, however if you are unable to deliver please ask and we may be able to organise a volunteer to pick up.

It depends on what you have to offer, where you live and the availability of volunteers.

We are happy to accept postal donations, but you may want to check if there is a baby bank closer to home – see this useful map of other UK baby banks.

If you would still like to send us your donations via post, our address is: 51a Albert Road North, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9EL. Thank you!

The following items have mandatory safety standards:

Please use our product safety checklist to ensure your donation meets current safety standards.

safety checklist (PDF)

If you are unsure, please email a photo and description (make and model, date and country of manufacture) of these items so that we can be sure of their suitability for re-homing.

Yes, please see our list of baby and children’s items we can and can’t re-home.

View the list of items we can and can’t accept

We cannot accept used mattresses due to safety concerns and space, but do provide a new mattress with each Moses basket/cot/cot bed we pass on.

Unfortunately we cannot accept cloth nappy donations. Firstly, we very rarely have requests for such items, and secondly, as our storage is limited we can’t hold items in stock which aren’t in demand. Lastly, the families we support often have limited washing facilities and there is a lack of space for drying. If we do have such a request, then we would try to accommodate by putting out a special request at the time.

Unfortunately we cannot accept used car seats. This is because we cannot guarantee to a recipient that it has absolutely not been involved in an accident and therefore is completely safe to use.

Yes, every month we publish a wish list of items which we really need. See link for current wish list.

However, if you have an item to donate which is not on this list, but is an item we would generally accept, please email with details.

Our wish list consists of the items which we desperately need, we use this to try and manage our stock levels as space is limited.

However, please email with details of what you’d like to donate, as referral requests come in all the time and our stock levels fluctuate.

Yes please! We are a small team and if you don’t clean it someone else will have to find the time.

Pre-cleaning your donations is another valuable way in which you can make a contribution.

Please take a look at our library of instruction manuals and print the instructions to be included from here. Most importantly, this will save our volunteers time and resources. Thank you!

We try and focus on the essential needs of babies and young children.

However, we recommend Furnistore in East Surrey – a charity that helps people set up homes by promoting the reuse of furniture. You can arrange with Furnistore for them to collect bulky items for a small charge.

You can choose several ways to be alerted when we have call outs for specific items:

1. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@stripeystork)
2. Monitor our current wish list
3. Sign-up to our monthly e-newsletter here.

Yes! Please see our Donate Money page for the various ways you can support us. If you need further information, please get in touch with us via

We ensure that every quality donation we receive can be re-homed by making it safe and complete. For example, we can take a donation of a cot, check that it meets safety standards, buy a brand new mattress, and re-home with a beautiful bundle of pre-loved clothing and bedding, a cot mobile and a lovely soft teddy.

We also need money to buy new teats for feeding bottles, and to buy new safety harnesses for prams, highchairs, bouncers, changing tables etc. so they meet the latest safety standards.

We can also use cash donations to repair punctures and replace broken parts on prams.

Or, for instance, we buy new essential items such as nappies, wipes and toiletries to complement the pre-loved bundles we distribute.