The nicest gift – ever!

Special buggy story

“It’s the nicest gift that anyone has ever given me”.

This story quietly confirms the difference we are making…

We were kindly donated a very special pram. When we say special, this wasn’t your ordinary pram – it was high end, super modern, with the most impressive features. But what made it particularly special to the recipient family was its adjustable height.

A family had been referred to us – a single Mum with two children and a newborn. She was really struggling financially, but also because of her chronic back condition. It was now so bad that at times they were unable to leave the house.

We knew straight away that the pram in question was just what they needed. Unfortunately the buggy was donated without a hood, but we searched for the best replacement deal as we knew it would be worth it to complete the package. A different colour than the rest of the pram but insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Shortly afterwards, one of our team was in a local park with her children. She sat down on a bench and when she glanced to her side she couldn’t believe it when she saw the very same buggy – she’d recognise it anywhere with its distinctive features and mismatched hood. She didn’t want to identify herself, worried it may embarrass the Mum, but smiled to herself as she watched Mum gather her children and belongings with ease, aided by a walking stick and making full use of the buggy’s features.

Someone passing by then stopped to admire the buggy, asking her where she had got it from, to which the Mum proudly replied, “it was a gift”. “Wow” they responded, “that’s some gift”. Mum smiled to herself and replied, “yes it is, it’s the nicest gift that anyone has ever given me”.

The nicest gift anyone has ever given her! We want our donations to feel like a gift and hearing stories like this we know that’s how they are being received.

So, this one’s for all the kindhearted people who have ever donated to us and wondered where their once loved items have ended up. Chances are it’s impacted on someone’s life more than you realise, and probably not a million miles from home.

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