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What’s in store for Stripey Stork this year and how can you help to do your part? Read more to find out if 2019 will be the ‘Year of the Stork’…

Reflecting on 2018


No post about looking forward would be complete without starting from where we’ve come. 2018 was a big year for us. The ambitious target we set ourselves to respond to 2018 requests for help was exceeded; we were able to respond to a massive 2276 requests from our referral partners, which were made on behalf of the local families they support.

We estimate that the total value of these new and pre-loved items which have been passed onto the local community this year is over £600k.


Targets for 2019


We KNOW that the demand for our services has been rising since we started in 2013. And this is now truer than ever, with the introduction of Universal Credit and the issues it brings, benefits being frozen, and living costs and unemployment increasing. See our blog for further evidence.

Contrary to misconception, this is happening right on our doorstep, with 10% (22640) of children in Surrey living in poverty and two thirds of these being from working households (source:

The target we have set ourselves this year is to respond to 2500 referral requests and we are currently gearing up for the challenge. The area we primarily serve is East Surrey – this is where we are located, where we have fantastic support from the local community and where we have built a reputation with the referral sources who have come to depend on our services.

But, we can do more!

We have a great opportunity to ‘expand our village’ even further to other parts of Surrey. Such areas have been identified as being in desperate need and are drastically under-served at present. Establishing and building partnerships with referral sources in these areas is a key focus for 2019, and the groundwork for this has already been laid in 2018.

A number of projects are also underway which are looking at our operational processes and infrastructure, to ensure that we can meet the promise of expanding the area we cover.

How to get involved


As well as the usual but crucial volunteering and donating items from our monthly wish list, we also have a list of many, sometimes less obvious, other ways you can help.

We have a calendar of events planned for this year, so here’s our quarterly campaign dates for your diary:

#Mum2Mum – 31st March is Mother’s Day

We want to let all the Mums that we support know what a fantastic job they are doing, under what is sometimes the most difficult of circumstances. We are aiming to provide gift packs and cards for 300 Mums who would otherwise be unrecognised.

There are numerous ways to get involved and you can read all about how in our recent Mum2Mum blog. From donating just £5 via Localgiving towards a mini pamper pack, to organising a collection of gifts amongst your friends or colleagues.

#Stripes4Stripey – 20th June

This is the day of the stripes, where we ask everyone far and wide, or local and small, to make a statement and dress in their favourite stripey attire in return for a donation to our ‘new socks, underwear and nightwear’ fund. Stripey people will be encouraged to share their photos on social media using #Stripes4Stripey2019 to help spread the fun and create awareness. Inspire your friends, work colleagues or children’s school to get involved. The more the stripier, the more the merrier is what we say!


Run Reigate 2019 – 15th September

If you’re setting your personal goals for 2019, then why not go for the ultimate and start with taking part in Run Reigate this year? You’ve probably heard about all the fuss so now it’s time to find out for yourself. There’s plenty of races to choose from; 5km, 10km, the award winning 1/2 marathon, or even the kid’s race for the little people in your life.

Whatever your ability, we’d love to have you on #TeamStork. You can run as an individual, team or family. Either way you won’t be on your own. We’ll be with you every step of the way; providing lots of moral support, working with you on fundraising, covering your adult race fee and supplying you with our branded running kit. It’s a great community event and our biggest fundraiser of the year, so pencil us in!

#SantaStork2019 – 2nd December

Our popular Christmas campaign provides brand new (and often specially requested) presents for those most in need in our local area. In 2018, 1517 children and 828 parent/carer presents were distributed in the run up to Christmas, estimated to be a huge £50k in value. There are lots of ways to help with our biggest seasonal campaign; donate online, buy from our special Amazon wish list or take your children shopping for an item from our suggested gift list – more information when the campaign is launched mid-October. All presents are collected by 2nd December, ready for our Santa Stork Giving Day in mid-December.

If you think your work may like to get involved, then we can arrange for a bespoke Amazon wish list or company gift list. We will support you with posters, graphics and any other marketing materials which you may need, and we always give a shout-out of thanks on social media to our corporate partners.

New for 2019


Virtual Challenge

If the Run Reigate date or the idea of an organised race doesn’t work for you, then hot off the press is Stripey Stork’s virtual challenge. This is ideal for those who prefer to challenge themselves at their own pace and in their own time – your race, you way! More details coming soon, but we are very excited about giving you the opportunity to #EarnYourStripes with us and thus a bespoke Stripey Stork medal, all for a little fundraising for your favourite local charity – us!

Reigate Manor Hotel Quiz & Curry Night

Another date for your diary is Thursday 21st March at 7:30pm – with all profits from this event going to Stripey Stork. So, start thinking about your ‘dream team’ as we’d love to see as many of you there as possible to show everyone that when we get behind an event, we mean business! You can download a poster to display at work or on any community noticeboards you are associated with. Tickets can be purchased here.

And Not Forgetting…

Match Funding

If we are lucky enough to have you fundraising for us for a particular event or challenge you are undertaking, then please enquire with your employer on whether they have a match funding scheme; where they match, up to a certain amount, the funds you raise. This is often a missed opportunity so it’s always worth asking the question. A prerequisite will be that the charity you are supporting is UK registered, which we are: charity number 1161613.

Gift Aid

If you are kindly donating money to us via one of our online appeals, always add gift aid if you are a UK tax payer. This will ensure an extra 25% is added to your donation, at no extra cost to you.

Have an Idea?

Keep your ears to the ground and eyes wide open for any potential opportunities or partnerships for us to be involved with. It doesn’t always have to be about parting with your own hard-earned cash, but more about thinking ‘outside the box’ and seizing opportunities as they arise. If you have an idea, or any questions about the above, then our door is always open – please email

And finally, all that’s left to say is a huge thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t do what we do without our supporters, volunteers and partners. It’s because of you that we are entering into 2019 with a ‘can do’ attitude and the capability to achieve our goals – keep up the smashing work #TeamStork!


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