Christmas giving with Choice, Dignity and Care


“He’s had a very tough year…”

So began a request from one of the family centres we work with, on behalf of 6 year old B and his siblings.

Like any typical 6 year old, B will be eagerly counting down the days until Christmas and writing his letter to Santa – we’re told he’s going to ask for a Playdoh set.   He’s a thoughtful little boy who has been through more than any 6 year old should ever have to deal with:

“B and his siblings have been living on constant high alert due to domestic abuse in their home for several years, never quite knowing when mum might be subjected to the next round of violence.  Fortunately, there have been some positive changes this year, leading to a safer home life for the children, but right now there is a financial impact.”

We hear stories like this all too often.  Parents who are struggling financially for a number of reasons, including those trying to rebuild their lives after domestic violence.   The last 18 months have been particularly difficult for the families we support and far from being the season to be jolly, Christmas feels like a luxury that they can’t afford.

Mum would love to give her brave little B a magical, care-free Christmas but it is just her now, money is tight and there are bills to pay.

We believe that no child should go without a gift on Christmas Day and we are working hard to give these children the Christmas they deserve.  Our Santa Stork gift catalogue includes a Playdoh ice-cream factory which the Family Worker tells us will be just perfect for B!  A creative little boy, he loves to use his imagination and he’ll enjoy making ice-creams and sundaes for the family.

Our team of Elves will package it up, along with gifts for B’s siblings and a little something for mum too.  We include a roll of wrapping paper and Sellotape, so that mum can enjoy wrapping the gifts for her children and feel involved in the process.

The Family worker explains: “For children who do not have much in the way of toys, these gifts will go towards Christmas becoming, as it should be for all children, magical, exciting, fun and absolutely without fear of what might be about to happen next. “

We are working hard to give children like B the Christmas they deserve, with the choice, dignity and care they deserve. To date we’ve received 2,269 children’s gift requests and, thanks to our amazing supporters we have been able to complete 751 of these already. But that’s still a shortfall of 1,518, with more requests coming in every day.

This year Santa Stork has been chosen for a match-funding opportunity backed by the National Emergencies Trust, which means that donations to our Crowdfunder page are doubled!  A donation of £20 can become £45 with match-funding and gift aid.

With £45 we could make Christmas special for a family of two children with the brand new presents they’ve requested, and also include a little gift for an adult carer too.  Donate to our Crowdfunder page here: and help us to give children like B a gift this Christmas.

Thank you for supporting Santa Stork 2021 – Christmas with Choice, Dignity and Care.

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