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The run up to Christmas 2021 is officially here and the team at Stripey Stork have a simple question for you – do you believe?

Do you believe that every child deserves some special Christmas magic, this year more than ever?

Children like the 11-year-old boy who lost his Dad this year. He wants a Magic Set, and we have the perfect one listed in our catalogue.

Do you believe that every child should be able to return to school after Christmas with a story to tell about the ‘cool’ gift Santa brought for them and the fun they had playing with it?

Young people like the two lads (aged 15 and 17) currently with a foster family after a family bereavement. They both want brand new footballs and to be able to enjoy a kick about with their mates.

Do you believe that the family should be involved in choosing the gift for their child? That they should have the chance to wrap it themselves and be part of creating that Christmas magic and memories.

Kids like the family of four where all the siblings have special needs and mum is a single parent. She has a terminal illness, so Christmas magic has a special significance to her this year. She’s chosen Sequin Art, a Lava Lamp, a Create Your Own Neon Sign and a Toiletry Set for her children. We’ll ensure there is some paper and tape in the delivery so she can add the final touches herself.

Do you believe that kindness and care should be at the heart of how we celebrate Christmas?

That including a wrapped gift for Mum to open is important, and that children benefit from giving and seeing others experience Christmas happiness.

If you believe, then Santa Stork is for you…

We are so grateful to those of you who have already shown us that you believe. You have donated, volunteered, and supported the campaign and helped us to deliver 1,857 of the 3,612 requests that we have received so far.

And if you haven’t got involved yet then this is how you can help:

???? Choose an item for a child from our #SantaShop

So many of you have told us how sitting down with your own children to pick a gift for another child has become part of your family Christmas traditions – kindness in action.

???? Donate to our Crowdfunder appeal and help us secure the full £10,000 match funding that has been made available to us by the National Emergencies Trust

???? Share this article (by clicking one of the links below) on social media or via email and comment ‘I believe’. Making this visible to others might just trigger an act of kindness that will allow another child to believe that Christmas magic still exists.

Do you believe?

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