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Run Reigate

As September dawns we particularly feel the love, as our supporters sign up to Run Reigate for Stripey Stork. They put their determination into action and join our orange army of Team Stork runners, united in their mission to raise funds to support our work all year round. We welcome them all – from our volunteers, young supporters, charity partners, service users, or members of the general public keen to help – as they join forces to make this our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Team Stork runners, Bethany and Eddie, running their first Run Reigate

Q1. Why did you want to take part in Run Reigate this year?

Team Stork - Bethany and Eddie
Bethany and Eddie

Mummy put our names down so that we can run with some of our friends from school. Some of our friends did it last year and they came in to school the next day with medals to show us! We can’t wait to take ours in too!

Q2. What does Stripey Stork mean to you?

It’s the charity that we’re raising money for. They help families by giving them things they need that they don’t have, like beds and clothes.

Q3. Are you exited??

Yes! We think it’s going to be really good fun.

Q4. Have you done any training?

We’ve been out running with daddy a little bit. We wanted to know how far it was so we’ve run just over a mile which was good fun, but we were quite tired afterwards

Q5. What are you most looking forward to?

We’re really looking forward to running with mummy and daddy and our friends, and being able to tell everyone who has sponsored us that we’ve done it!

You can sponsor Bethany and Eddie by visiting their fundraising page

Long term support Chris is running for Team Stork again this year

Q1. Have you done Run Reigate before?

Team Stork runner Chris Jones

Yes for the past 4 or 5 years and always for Stripey

Q2. Why did you want to take part this year and support Stripey Stork?

I have been aware of Stripey Stork from the very early stages and as a Health Visitor I have seen first hand how valuable this service is and it is a joy to be able to take various clothes, toys, buggy’s, toddlers beds etc to those families that really need it. Amazing charity.

Q3. How are you feeling about it? Are you ready? Have you been training?

I’m just going to take it easy as it is a training run for the London Marathon which is a couple of weeks after. Looking forward to enjoying it and taking it all in whilst listening to my podcasts.

Q4. Have you got any tips for the other runners?

Don’t worry about the hill at the end – most people walk it. Great atmosphere, very friendly marshalls and a great party feel back in the park when you’re done.

You can sponsor Chris by visiting her fundraising page.

Thank you to all the Team Stork runners Good luck!

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