Every child should have the same school life

Alison Good Company

“I don’t want my children to worry about how I will buy them the things they need for school. All children want to do is fit in with their peers and the thought that they may face bullying because I can’t afford what is essential for school life breaks my heart.” Mum

We’ve been supporting a Mum of three school children – ages 8, 11 and 14 – with school uniforms, footwear and coats so her children are prepared for school life. Mum had to give up work due to ill health and she’s a single parent providing for her children on her own. The daily struggle to provide the basics is real; prioritising feeding them and keeping the house warm leaves nothing at the end of the day. Purchasing school essentials for three growing children would have undoubtedly plunged them further into debt.

Mum shields the youngest from financial worries, but the two eldest understand all too well that money is extremely tight and that any ‘asks’ will push them further into the red. So, they refrain from asking because they don’t want their Mum to worry or feel bad. However, she can see what they need and it breaks her heart that they are going without. With the children being on free school meals, they are entitled to some help from the school with branded uniform, which they are grateful for, but as every parent knows there’s so much more needed when it comes to kitting out children for school.

They have been well supported through Good Company and couldn’t have imagined surviving this past winter without their support, on both a practical and emotional level. The Good Company, a charity which the Epsom & Ewell Foodbank is a part of, is one of our key partners and a delivery hub, who we work closely with to support families.

By supporting our School Days campaign you can help us to maintain a good supply of generic school uniforms, shoes, trainers, coats, bags and equipment so children like these are prepared for school life and all its potential, regardless of their circumstances. You can read about the impact of our School Days campaign in 2023 in our blog.

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