The healing power of music


At Stripey Stork we pride ourselves on being resourceful and always going the extra mile to help. Like when we were able to make a real difference to a 12-year-old-girl who’d been through so much already.

She’d been placed into foster care after suffering serious abuse at home, and to make matters worse the perpetrator had turned her family against her. They’d destroyed all of her clothes and possessions and she’d been removed from the family and left with nothing.

She needed clothes, books, toiletries and a school bag which we were quick to help with. But the social worker mentioned in conversation that her precious guitar had also been destroyed. She loves playing guitar and so to be without it was particularly upsetting.

Of course, we wanted to help. As it turned out one of our team knew someone who’d just upgraded their acoustic guitar and was looking for a ‘good home’ for their old one. We knew the perfect home!

The social worker couldn’t believe we’d sourced something so nice and told us how pleased the girl was to receive it. She used this act of kindness to reassure the young girl that there are people who care. At 12 years old, when you’ve been through the sadness and neglect which she had, it would be easy to lose faith in people and life, this helped with the process of undoing such damage.

Fast forward a few months and we heard back that the guitar is still her most ‘precious possession’. She excitedly talked to her social worker about the songs she’d been learning and the music she’d been playing. It had become such an important way of expressing herself. We’re so pleased we could help.

And whilst musical instruments won’t feature regularly on our monthly wish list, by helping to spread the word about what we do, fundraise for us or make a monetary contribution, means that we can continue to be there to help. With  Team Stork behind us we know we make a difference and this is just one of the moving examples of how that difference is made.

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