I love everything!! And I mean everything!!


Two sisters, picked up from school one day by a social worker to be taken to their new home. A new place to live which they knew nothing about, and without any of their belongings. But a new home nonetheless which needed to happen as it’s not safe at home anymore.

Although they are now safe and they are together, on moving in they had very little in terms of possessions with money being extremely tight. Their social worker has used our services many times before so knew we’d be able to help without delay. It was crucial that at such a difficult time, they quickly felt settled and secure in their new home.

An order was placed for each child for clothes (enough for a week), books and new school bags filled with accessories with it being the start of the academic year. The family were overwhelmed with the bundle delivered by their social worker. So much so that the girls, aged 9 and 11, felt compelled to express their thanks in writing a letter each addressed to Stripey Stork, written with the very same stationery included with their bags. They wanted to let us and everyone involved know what these gifts meant to them.

“Thank you for the clothes and school supplies, I’ve named my bag Strawberry because it’s red. I love everything!! And I mean everything!! You’re really amazing and helpful.”

“Thank you so much for everything you gave us. I love everything so much and wish good luck for you.”

The fact that the eldest affectionately named her bag Strawberry just goes to show how precious it is to her.

It’s difficult to know how much they understand of their situation, and we can only hope that with support the whole family have happier times. But, if they remember anything at all then let it be that people cared, there was kindness and once upon a time there was a bag called Strawberry that made a little girl very happy.

Putting smiles on these two girls’ faces when life has been so unfair – that’s all we need to know to spur us on to keep doing what we do. Thank you for helping us make stories like this possible.

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