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Stripey Stork is now registered as a charity partner on eBay.  This means that you can now sell items on eBay (perhaps those items that you are unable to donate to Stripey Stork) and donate between 10% – 100% of the proceeds to Stripey Stork.

You can also choose to add gift aid to this donation (provided you are a UK taxpayer) meaning that your donation is worth even more to us.

Selecting the charity option on ebay is very simple.  Further details are on the eBay for charity page here:

Or follow these instructions:

1. When listing your item you will need to select the “advanced tool” option.

ebay instruction1

2. Under the payment section you can choose to donate to a charity.  Click on “Or select another charity” and search for Stripey Stork.  Once you’ve selected a charity you can choose the percentage that you wish to donate (between 10% and 100%).  If you are a UK taxpayer remember to tick the gift aid box to make your donation worth even more.

ebay instruction2

ebay instruction3


3. Edit your listing in the usual way and list your item for sale.

Three weeks after your item has sold, PayPal Giving Fund (eBay’s partner charity) will collect the donation from you and pass it to Stripey Stork.  You will also receive a fee credit for your basic insertion fees and final value fees equal to the percentage you donate.  So if you donate 50% of your selling price to a charity, eBay will waive 50% of your fees.

Note – if your buyer pays using PayPal you will be charged paypal fees on the total sale price.  So, you may wish to adjust the percentage that you wish to donate to take account of this.


Another great way to raise funds for Stripey Stork. Something to bear in mind if you’re having a clear-out over the summer holidays….!




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