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***UPDATE – The Grow Your Tenner campaign has now closed as the full £100,000 match fund pot has been allocated by Localgiving. Thank you to everyone who supported us with this opportunity.***


Every year Localgiving present local charities with an opportunity to make their funds go even further with a match funding opportunity. Many of you have asked when this is going to be launched and we can now reveal details of this year’s Grow Your Tenner campaign.

There’s no question that the need for our services is on the increase, but to keep up with that ever-increasing demand we are continually looking for dependable and innovative ways to fund our work. So, when Localgiving announced that this year’s Grow Your Tenner campaign is focusing on encouraging people to become long term supporters of local charities, we got a little bit enthusiastic.

How it works

The proposition is simple, but has a high impact! From 10am on Tuesday 11th December 2018, new monthly direct debit donations will be matched by up to £10. The matching will take place after the first 6 donations, and be applied to the following 6 donations.


So, £120 can be turned into £200, as if by magic! Here’s how: If a donor gives 12 monthly donations of £10 (=£120), Localgiving will match the final 6 donations (+£60=£180). And not forgetting that all important 25% gift aid (if applicable) on your £120 contributions. Voila! £120 becomes over £200!

But remember, you must wait until after 10am on Tuesday 11th December to sign up

Terms and conditions apply (see below). 

How the funds will be used

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the increasing demand for UK baby banks and we have felt this more than. So far this year alone we have responded to over 2000 requests for help, which is already over a 20% increase on last year’s total for the whole year. You can read all about the reasoning and further statistics in our Born on the Breadline blog. But the immediate question is how will we cover the associated costs for this ever-increasing demand for our services?

We have a Funding Co-ordinator who works tirelessly on grant and funding applications, and this is continuously happening in the background. We are always extremely grateful when we have a successful application, but this funding is often ring-fenced for a particular project or appeal.

Then there are the kind donations and fundraising activities from our loyal supporters, we rely on these to do the essence of our work, from buying urgent supplies to answer an emergency request, to bulk purchasing new items needed to complement the pre-loved bundles we send out, of which we average over 50 a week.

Additionally, we have operational costs like any other organisation, we have rent to pay, a building to heat and baby clothes to wash. Our operational costs are modest in comparison to other organisations and national charities, and we work hard to keep these costs to a minimum. However, we do operate in the real world and these associated costs are existent and rising nonetheless. Your monthly contributions would also be used to cover such operational costs.

The impact of your donation

It costs us on average of £25 for each referral package we send out. This includes all of the operational costs associated with making this happen. When you think that each bundle has a value worth approximately £250, this is great value for money. So, a £200 donation would mean we can help 8 local families in need, supplying them with children’s clothes for a week, essential toiletries and toys/books.

Make it happen!

Whilst New Year’s resolutions are being considered, now would be a really good time to think about what you could forgo to make a meaningful contribution in the coming year. With the added benefit of matching part of your contribution with ‘free’ money from Localgiving, meaning your investment will go even further. Giving up one takeaway cup of coffee a week is all it would take!

Rather than donating to a variety of charities throughout the year and losing track of who and what you have supported, you could set a budget at the beginning of the year and let us do the hard work.

Thank you for considering Stripey Stork – after 10am on Tuesday 11th December you can sign up here.

Some important T&Cs

  • The campaign will end whenever the match fund runs out or midday on Thursday the 10th January 2019, whichever comes first.
  • There is a match funding pot of £100,000, once it’s gone it’s gone. So, the earlier people sign up the better.
  • Each charity may receive up to £5,000 match funding.
  • Any monthly donations set up before 10am on 11th December will not be matched.
  • One-time donations will not be matched, only monthly contributions.
  • It is the responsibility of the donor to cancel their direct debit mandate when they are ready.
  • For full terms and conditions, click here.

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