The ‘ring’ of kindness

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We love this story of kindness, connections, and a pinch of luck. A ring which had been in the family for generations, lost. A kind individual who reunited the treasured ring with its owner. A shared passion for Stripey Stork and the act of kindness which followed.

Those of you who are based near our Reigate warehouse may have spotted posters dotted around town, had a flyer arrive through your door or seen pleas on social media to look out for a ring which holds great sentimental value. It was Alice’s grandmother’s engagement ring, recently left to her as a keepsake, and she was devastated to have lost it while out walking.

Fortunately for Alice, her efforts were not in vain. Even though she had retraced her path many times, she was contacted almost a week later by a lady who had just stumbled across a ring lying on the floor, moments after seeing one of her posters.

It was indeed the same ring. Alice was overjoyed to be reunited with it again. With it being a family heirloom, she reminded the lady of the £200 reward she had promised. This is where the story gets even better…

The lady who found it was pleased to be able to help and graciously said no reward was necessary. Alice was insistent, so they agreed a donation would be made to a charity of the finder’s choice. This was an easy decision; the finder’s family are members of Reigate Squash Club and the club have just announced Stripey Stork as their Charity of the Year.

But an added bonus was that Alice knows Stripey Stork well. She works at Reigate Grammar School and is closely involved with the students who choose Stripey Stork as their volunteering elective.

She kindly remarked: “I think Stripey is an awesome charity and I feel very happy to be able to donate.”

As well as sending students every week, Reigate Grammar School have organised some fantastic toiletry donation drives for us. They appreciate the need for such everyday hygiene essentials such as toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and sanitary products, and the implications and stigma associated with hygiene poverty. As it happens, our toiletry shelves are looking worryingly empty this week, so it’s been agreed with Alice that we’ll use the funds towards replenishing some of that stock.

It goes without saying that the most important thing is the ring and owner have been reunited, but it’s lovely that there was a Team Stork connection. We’d like to thank everyone involved in making this happen and completing this circle of kindness. We are truly grateful.

We help over 200 families each week and are committed to providing toiletries for every family member. But, no sooner have we added to our shelves, than the items leave our warehouse. There are a number of ways you can help:

  • Buy directly from our Amazon wish list.
  • Drop items at our Reigate warehouse during our opening times. Items we particularly need are shower gel, adults/children’s toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, baby shampoo, body wash.
  • Make a monetary donation.

Let’s ensure no local family has to make the unthinkable choice between being clean and being fed. Thank you.

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