#Stripes4Stripey2022 – a wonderful day full of stripes!

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On Thursday 23rd June we were delighted to get everyone stripey for Stripes4Stripey again! We celebrate this annual charity event, asking everyone to wear Stripes and donate or fundraise for Stripey Stork.

The money from this campaign is used to buy the new items of clothing that we like to add to the pre-loved clothing packs that we give out all year round, including pants, socks and pyjamas. We feel some items, such as underwear, should be bought new and sometimes buying in bulk offers discounts which are opportunities too good to miss. Our Stripes4Stripey fund means we can take advantage of any deals throughout the year.

Our aim was to raise as much as we could this year and we cannot thank our supporters enough, as their generosity has raised a total of…

Stripes4Stripey fund*
£ 0

* Including offline donations and gift aid.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t yet donated, there’s still time to donate via our Local Giving link. We appreciate your unwavering support and love seeing how enthusiastically you get involved.

Getting the Stripes4Stripey day underway

It’s always fun to kick-start the Stripes4Stripey day with the team and our volunteers showing off their stripes at the warehouse. #TeamStork never fails to go wild and impress with their elaborate range of stripey attire – this year we had stripey dungarees, a stripey necklace, plus t-shirts and socks aplenty!

We especially love to see that our referral partners get into the stripey spirit when they collect from us. The sun was shining on us all week and the day continued to be full of summer vibes.

Staff and volunteers

Curry and Quiz – a test of the best general knowledge

This year we were excited that the day extended into the evening with Reigate Manor hosting a delicious Stripes4Stripey Curry and Quiz night. The atmosphere was amazing, and everyone had a lovely time. Thank you to our Quiz Master Chris and the Reigate Manor team for hosting us, you did a marvellous job. It was a wonderful evening to celebrate and see who knew their movies and their music, their history and geography, plus there was even a stripey category!

Thank you to all the fabulous teams getting involved, including our corporate partners. We were joined by The Belfry, Celtic Contractors, Reigate Grange, Natural Baby Shower, the Mole Valley Family Centre, plus lots of our wonderful volunteers, community supporters and staff. This incredible evening raised over £1,600.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported, and special thanks to the events department Chris and Holly, and the team at Reigate Manor, who really know how to put on a fun evening.

The deserving winners were The Belfry Brainiacs, although it was a tight finish at the top! The Baby Brains commiserated in last place, although they were still smiling all the way to the end and secured themselves the wooden spoon. Although, we have to say the real winner on the night was our supporter Anthea, who took home the biggest teddy bear ever!

Reigate Manor Curry and Quiz

Stripes4Stripey fun - the kids get creative with our Art Competition

This year we were delighted to run a special Stripes4Stripey  Art Competition for the children. The task was to create an A4 masterpiece on the topic of ‘Stripey Stork’. We knew the children would have many ideas, so left it a broad topic, open to their imaginations. Would they draw a stripey superhero, create us a new stork logo, or design some new pants?

Our amazing long-term supporters at The Belfry Shopping centre in Redhill helped us create a magnificent wall display to showcase the children’s art. We hope you’ve had a chance to see them on display, they are truly delightful. What budding young artists we have in the community! If you haven’t seen them yet, do pop along whilst they are still there.

The Deputy Mayor of Reigate and Banstead Cllr Rosemary Absalom had the difficult job of judging them on Thursday 30 June, to choose a winner from the two categories, infants and juniors. The lucky winning entrants will receive vouchers from Toy Barnhaus.

  • Our lucky infants winner was Emily – The Deputy Mayor loved ‘how accurate her stork was and how she had included a washing line’. Second place went to Thea – The Deputy Mayor loved the inclusion of the baby’s crib in the writing.
  • The winner in the juniors category was Rosie. The Judges loved how eye-catching her picture was, with lots of stripes. Second place was awarded to Isla. The Deputy Mayor was really impressed by the details in the picture showing how Stripey Stork help families.

Well done to all the artists who took part! 

The Belfry Shopping Centre

Thank you so much for getting involved, there’s more fun activities over in our Kids Corner.

Workplace Stripes4Stripey – in the office and on zoom

Our social media went super stripey, with the teams at LexisNexis Risk Solutions (LNRS) sharing their selfies and photos, whilst donating to our campaign. Some of them changed their profile backgrounds to match creating a super stripey effect!

LNRS once again kindly donated £5 for every member of staff that shared a stripey photo.

Stripey got out of the warehouse to visit the staff at Puzzler, where they were enjoying some wonderful cupcakes.

Stripey continued the morning by visiting our valued supporters at Osborne, where the balloons were up and the fun was in full swing.

Our friends at Celtic Contractors joined in the fun too and it brought us a lot of joy to see the Stripey chicks, Ella and Bella having the time of their lives with two of our favourite young Stork supporters.

There were lots of stripey online team meetings and it was great to see everyone getting involved.

The Stripey chicks

Stripey and the local community

We love to see the kids joining in, and it’s easy as stripes are so much fun. Stripey had the pleasure to see the children at Furzefield Primary. They enjoyed a mufti day and boasted the best collection of stripey socks ever! They looked fabulous.

The Mayor, Cllr Frank Kelly and Deputy Mayor, Cllr Rosemary Absalom and their consort enjoyed a stripey day, sharing their photos for us to see!

Did you see the fabulous stripey skirt that Vicki at George and the Giant Pledge was wearing? That takes some beating, thank you!

We were delighted to hear that the Unison Choir were donning their stripes and collecting at their rehearsal. We are sure you could hear them singing for miles.

Merstham Cricket Club turned their usually white kit to stripes for their Friday night training and raised £55 for our campaign. Thank you.

The 2nd Banstead Brownies unit had a great time completing and earning their charity badge and fundraising for us. They baked delicious cupcakes, and each created a masterpiece for our art competition.

Stripey’s heartfelt thanks

We round up this year’s fun and send our biggest thank you to all our supporters who got involved and helped ensure our Stripes4Stripey campaign was a success. It’s not just every penny that counts, it’s every share, like and save on our social media platforms too – thank you for spreading the word!

Special thanks go to:

Our partners:

Local schools, referral and charity partners

See you next year for more stripey fun - the date for your diary is Thursday 22nd June 2023!

If you are interested in supporting our campaigns, there are lots of ways to get involved including volunteering, corporate volunteering, and fundraising. We would love to hear from you: partnerships@stripeystork.org.uk

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