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Welcome to our first blog post – its all very exciting and another significant milestone in the Stripey Stork journey.

We want to use the blog as a way to update you on our news, but to also showcase those who support, encourage and inspire us. Given that this is our first blog post it seemed appropriate to feature the first brand who showed their support for us when we started our pilot in September last year – luxury beauty brand Jurlique.



From the start of the Stripey Stork project it was important to us that items delivered to families were clean, safe and well presented: ‘a gift not a handout’. We also liked the idea of including a treat for the Mums we help, Mums who so often go without to provide for their children.

You can therefore imagine our delight when, following a conversation with the helpful team at Chalk PR, we were offered 40 boxes of the Delicate Roses Freshly Picked Collection from Jurlique. What an incredible treat!

We got such good feedback when these were included in our deliveries.

“(Mum) feels so lucky to be given not only the essential items that were asked for but the toys, books and clothing and gorgeous beauty products were a lovely and thoughtful surprise. So, so grateful!”

“My clients have been really pleased with the quality of the items that they have received. And the special touch of something for mum-to-be has gone down really well.”


jurlique delicate roses

In April, as part of our Mum2Mum campaign, Jurlique showed their support again and sent us 50 boxes of the Blooming Roses Indulgent Collection.

jurlique blooming roses

I wanted to find out a bit more about Jurlique so spoke to Rebecca Best, Brand Manager at Jurlique UK.

So tell me more about Jurlique? I recognise the brand from the days (pre-children) when I had free time, some disposable income and the opportunity to browse in beautiful shops like Space NK!

Jurlique has been the leader in natural skin care science for over 25 years. We apply advanced technologies to biodynamic+ ingredients from our Australian farm to create high performance, potent skin care. The result: healthy, beautiful skin. Jurlique is dedicated to providing the most effective skincare available through nature and science.

Is support for charitable organisations something important to you at Jurlique?

We believe in the power of beauty to make positive changes in everyone’s life. That’s why we’ve established the Jurlique Ideas of Beauty Fund to support beautiful ideas that empower and educate women and children globally- it’s our commitment to making the world a more beautiful place. Jurlique’s first global charity initiative commenced in August 2012, through a partnership with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME – ), an Australian based charity to support Indigenous students complete high school at the same rates as all Australians.  As a National Partner and first ever Female Mentor Sponsor, we’re assisting over 500 young women to become volunteer mentors and tutors, with an aim to grow this program to over 1500 young women by 2016. AIME is doing amazing work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school children, with the goal of helping these students to finish school at the same rates as all Australians. This July marks the third anniversary of our Ideas of Beauty fund and partnership with AIME and with the launch of our 200ml Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense Deluxe Edition 3, Jurlique will make a contribution to the fund which will be distributed across all of our global charity initiatives.

This all sounds great. So why was it important to you to support Stripey Stork here in the UK?

At Jurlique we have committed to undertaking initiatives that support women all over the world to lead better lives. We believe in giving something back to the world we live in and the people who live in it. We feel that Stripey Stork are a great partner for us because of the fantastic work you are doing to support women and children experiencing hardship in the UK. The fact that Stripey Stork are a volunteer-run group started by a group of local Mums who are giving back to other mums in their community goes hand in hand with our commitment to partner with initiatives that support and empower women to lead better lives.


Thank you again to Jurlique. You can find out more about their product range on their UK website:


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