Isla’s coat collection for Stripey Stork

Coat collection organised by Isla

At Stripey Stork, we always say that kindness starts at a young age and 8 year old Isla is proof of that. She was instrumental in organising a coat collection at her school and went above and beyond by sorting and washing them meaning that we can give them straight out to families that need them. We try to send a coat out with every clothing pack, but as the weather turns colder, keeping up with demand is hard so we are grateful for coat collections like this.

During half term Isla and her mum came to the warehouse, bringing the coats and meeting Stripey and she wrote about her visit for school newsletter.

On Monday 12th February 2024, I visited the Stripey Stork charity in Reigate, Surrey. There, I delivered the coats that the School Council had collected from our donation day on the 2nd February.

I was amazed at the size of the warehouse and how many items it could hold. The warehouse was full of volunteers doing a three-hour shift. They were repairing buggies, sorting clothes and cleaning toys. I was also surprised to learn that they have another warehouse just to store school uniform.

Stripey Stork began in 2013 in a small area of a furniture store warehouse. By 2014 they needed more space and had to move to bigger premises, where they launched their first Stripey Stork Christmas campaign. As they have continued to grow, they have moved to several bigger warehouses until settling in the warehouse I visited.

A lady called Sara showed me around. There were so many shelves containing all clothes packages that go out to families in need daily. In a week 350 packages will leave the warehouse. These all contain a coat which is why they are so pleased with our donation. Every month they produce a wish list of the things that they need to re- stock their warehouse.

Stripey Stork supports families in Surrey and beyond, working in parts of London and Sussex. In 10 years, they have received 36,642 requests for help and over 48,000 children have been helped. They work with other charities that refer families who need help from Stripey Stork. They help by supplying clothing, toys, shoes, nappies, cots, buggies, school backpacks, toiletries, books and bedding.

Whilst we were there, we saw some of the parcels being made and collected. It is so good to know that our coat collection is going to help children that really, really need them. I really hope we can help them again in the future, maybe by asking children to donate toiletries so they can wear their own clothes on the next non uniform day.

We’re proud of Isla for organising this coat collection and thinking of others less fortunate. Such acts of kindness reassure us that the next generation is going to do amazing things to make our world a better place. What an absolute superstar!

If you’re inspired by Isa and want to fundraise or organise a collection for Stripey Stork please email, we’d love to hear from you.

If you have a winter coat you could donate, please ensure it is clean and in good condition.  Please visit our website for details on how to donate.

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