International Women’s Day 2018


It’s International Women’s Day.

What does it mean to us?

Well, at Stripey Stork we’re incredibly proud of our team. We’re predominately women (although we have some key roles filled by men who also love what we stand for – thank you to them!) and we enjoy the collaboration and teamwork we have both internally and externally with our partners and referral sources.
Working in the way we do helps to support families which on the whole have women at their heart, and today we’re raising our mugs of tea to celebrate them all.

To the families we help.

To our amazing Trustees, employees and volunteers who share their time and talents so generously.

To our wonderful referral partners who work so hard for local families.

To our corporate partners, funders, community groups and other organisations who support us.

And to all of you who share our posts, who donate the items your family no longer need, who fundraise for us and who donate through LocalGiving. Those who spread the word on our behalf to help us reach more people.

Thank you #TeamStork. We’re extremely proud that we’ve grown so much in the last 5 years. We have responded to over 4000 requests and passed items worth £1.65m back into our community.

We look forward to doing more and continuing to spread the Stripey Stork love across Surrey.

If we can ask one favour of you today, on International Women’s Day, we would ask you to talk about us. Share a post, mention us to a neighbour, friend or colleague and tell them about the work we do. It might just help us in our aim of responding to 2018 referrals this year.

#IWD #TeamStorkRocks #Gratitude #2018in2018

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