Beautiful Eli


This is Eli. Beautiful Eli with the most gorgeous smile you’ve ever seen.

Tragically Eli died suddenly in his sleep on 12th January this year aged just 8 weeks old. Every parent’s worst nightmare realised for one family in our community.

In March, we welcomed his Mum and Great Grandmother to our warehouse as they wanted to pass on some of the items Eli will never get to use. Bravery and kindness in action, and we are humbled that they are thinking of others during such an overwhelmingly difficult time.

We wish with all our hearts that things were different – for Eli to be growing fast and needing the next size of nappies, and to be getting so big that he was moving into the beautiful cot bed ready for him. But we thank Eli’s Mum for trusting us to pass these items on, and for the act of kindness made on Eli’s behalf.

You’ve left an impression on us all little man. And we’re proud of your Mum for allowing us to share your picture and name here so that all your friends in Team Stork can get to see the twinkle in those most beautiful eyes.

There’s a story behind every donation, some more profound than others. This is a reminder of what a privilege it is to be entrusted with these meaningful items, which hold such special memories, and get them to where they are needed most.

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