COVID-19: updates on the Stripey Stork service

This page is a central information point for our referral partners, donors and volunteers during COVID-19. It is where we will keep everyone informed as the situation changes and we respond accordingly to the pandemic.

Please be assured that we are continuously monitoring the situation and are working hard to maintain as normal a service as possible within any boundaries which are set. Getting help to where it is needed most remains our top priority, as well as maintaining a safe environment at our warehouse. Thank you for working with us to make this possible.

Please read the updates below for whichever section applies to you…

Additional families with stock requests

Operational updates

Following government advice we have had to make some changes to how our usual service works for each of the groups below. This is subject to change.

  • Please be assured that, until we communicate otherwise, we are still operating our referrals service, regardless of whether we are in lockdown or not.
  • All collections need to be pre-scheduled, with no walk-in requests please – email to make a referral and arrange collection. Collections will be scheduled Monday to Thursday between 9:30am-1:30pm.
  • To reduce contact risk, the door will be kept locked and all visitors will need to ring the bell on arrival.
  • Referral packages will already be prepared and we’ll use the trolley to transport them to your cars.
  • If you feel unwell, please stay at home until you are fully recovered and have followed current government protocol. If you’ve been to an affected area, or been in contact with someone affected, please follow the recommended advice. This is a useful website regarding NHS recommendations on health and travel.

Please see link for what, how and when to donate.

In order to operate safely and comply with social distancing guidelines, we are limiting each session to a maximum of six volunteers. These sessions will run Monday to Friday 9am-11.30am and 11:30am-2pm. Please email if you are interested in helping at any of these sessions.

All corporate team sessions have been cancelled until further notice.

How we are getting help to where it's needed most!

Our service is needed more than ever, and our supported families will continue to feel the effects of COVID-19 long after lockdown. Thanks to our amazing team, referral partners, community of supporters and funders, we’ve been able to continue our service and are so proud of what we’ve achieved:

  • We’ve been able to help many more additional families (see above for the latest figure) with essential supplies such as nappies, toiletries and stationery, collected in bulk and distributed via our referral partners.
  • We’ve been continuing to meet individual family requests for help at the high level we were experiencing before lockdown, despite running a streamlined service.
  • Numerous funding applications for eligible COVID-19 grants have been made with a high success rate. This, as well as the funds from our COVID-19 Appeal and generous donations from our partners, is ensuring we can continue to meet the needs of the most vulnerable families in our local community.
  • During the period we were closed for physical donations, our team/volunteers worked hard to source items which were running low on our shelves. Bulk discounts and best prices were negotiated wherever possible to make funds go even further. We have now built up a good supply network if we need to source essential items through other means again.
  • We’ve been working alongside local councils and other voluntary organisations, as part of their response to the pandemic. We’re finding that the relationships we’ve built over the years are proving to be most beneficial, as everyone works together for the greater good.

How can I help?

Our COVID-19 Appeal has continued to ensure we have a reserve of funds to purchase essential items if and when needed. 

If you are feeling helpless and want to do something tangible to help, please consider making a donation here.

Another way to help is to make a purchase from our Amazon wish list – this is kept regularly updated with items we need at any given time such as essential toiletries, nappies, wipes, stationery and craft items. It’s hassle-free as orders are delivered directly to us – please select Stripey Stork as the delivery address.

Want to do more?

It’s times of crisis when we see the most wonderful acts of kindness in our community. Here are some links to other local organisations/resources if you want to do even more:

Stripey's kid's corner

Take a look at our fun page for kids, bursting with ideas to keep the kids entertained during this time, with lots of free activities and downloads to enjoy…