Ashcombe School students triumph for Stripey Stork

The Ashcombe School

A group of Year 10 students at Ashcombe School have been taking part in The First Give  – an initiative that encourages young people to get involved in social action. Students are tasked with learning about social issues, researching charities and choosing one to support. We were thrilled to hear that one of the groups had chosen Stripey Stork.

Stripey Stork supports families across Surrey, providing practical items for children up to the age of 16 including prams, cots, clothing, toys and toiletries. We believe that all children deserve the same start in life, and that by sharing the items our families have outgrown we can support local families in a practical and meaningful way.

We were so happy that these young people wanted to support the work that we do. The project was entirely student-led and over six months they worked to raise awareness of Stripey Stork. This included holding lunchtime events, creating a quiz about Stripey Stork and holding a raffle to win a chocolate bar. Lucy even crocheted a baby Stripey!


Stripey Stork


At the end of the project, each group delivered a presentation about their chosen charity before the rest of Year 10 and a panel of judges. The winning pitch would receive £1000 for their charity. Donna, our Partnerships Manager was pleased to be invited along to the presentations. She described it as inspiring, saying:

“It was clear how much work the groups had put into researching and raising awareness of their chosen charities and the pitches were all of a very high standard”.

After listening to all the presentations and taking time for some careful consideration, the judges chose the Stripey Stork pitch as the winner! Our congratulations and thanks go to Lucy, Alice, Lydia, Emma, George, Izzy and Eliza for all their hard work and for being such enthusiastic Stork ambassadors. A big thank you also goes to Ashcombe School for getting involved in this initiative and helping to raise awareness amongst their students of issues affecting our community.

We love hearing about different ways that people support us, if you have a fundraising idea, please get in touch with us by visiting our fundraising page.

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