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Thanksgiving is almost upon us, do any of you celebrate it? We love the idea of taking a moment before the ‘busy-ness’ of Christmas overtakes us all, to stop and think about the things we really appreciate.

We’ve done this with our children over the past couple of years and find it’s so good for trimming those out of control Santa lists(!) and encouraging them to think of others. We’ve used printables to great effect in the past and we had a look on Pinterest to find some of them, plus some fun looking crafts.

We love the turkey hats and thankful trees, but the one we’ve used the most is the heart printable you can then laminate once completed, making it into a place mat. We’ve found it’s provoked some great discussions, and inevitably we’ve chatted about #SantaStork and the incredible joy it brings to children who otherwise might not receive a gift at Christmas. As we’ve mentioned recently, kindness comes naturally when you start at a young age, and we find our children love to get involved. A great tradition to begin in your family?

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