A Proud Mum

Clothing Pack

“You guys have supplied my Son, not only enough clothes to see him through but with happiness too. When his face lit up on seeing he had clothes that fitted him, it was just priceless!”  

A proud Mum. One who works hard and wants nothing more than for this to be enough to support her family. She loves her job and knows it’s critical for her mental well-being – she needs this!

This is what she keeps telling herself, but the system is telling her otherwise. As a single Mum to three children she is currently working part time. On top of this, she was running her own small business with flexible hours, until COVID-19 struck. Her business closed and she wasn’t entitled to government funding because of this, as this would have affected the low-income support she was already receiving. With this sudden loss of income, she’s had to resort to borrowing from family and friends – something she hates having to do. She realises she would actually be better off right now if she didn’t work – “the more I work and earn, the more they take from me”.

But she’s hardworking, strong and most of all wants to set a good example for her children. Her part time job is what’s keeping her grounded and she knows it’s the right decision for her family.

Thankfully, she’s acknowledged she can’t do it all on her own and nor should she have to. Her 8 year old boy, already above average in size, has had a recent lockdown growth spurt meaning his clothes no longer fit him. They’ve become uncomfortable for him and the situation has started to get him down, which is when Mum knew she had to ask for help. A referral was made to us on her behalf and we were quick to respond with one of our generously packed clothing bags filled with everything a child could need from socks and underwear, to trousers and tops, and topped with a warm coat.

Mum felt compelled to contact us directly, something which is an exception as we usually only have contact with our referral partners. She wanted us to know how much this bundle means to her and her son, and to personally thank us and everyone involved in Stripey Stork for caring like they do.

“Life can be hard at times but knowing you can reach out to people like yourselves makes it a little easier.” 

We are so pleased she reached out and that we were able to help with these practical items. Dignity still intact and items gratefully received – as a gift and not a handout which is the intention they were given.

We wish this family well and with such a strong role model in the children’s lives, that they continue growing to be as resilient as their Mum.

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