Life under lockdown #6

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A volunteer’s perspective by Lois

In celebration of Volunteers’ Week (1-7 June), we wanted to give a different perspective on what ‘Life under lockdown’ has been like for one of our volunteers who’s been helping us out at the warehouse during this time. Lois was recently awarded our Volunteer of the Month Award, which was very well-deserved because she’s been providing invaluable support to the team over the last few weeks in sorting items and making up referral packs during the designated times we’ve been open for referral collections.

We are so lucky to have Lois on #TeamStork – she’s one of our longstanding volunteers which means she knows how we work so is able to prioritise and independently ‘crack on’ with what needs to be done. Lois has a background in social care so has a huge appreciation of the need for our service. She has also been volunteering her time with other charitable groups who’ve been supporting the local community during this crisis. A superstar through and through!

And we’ve just discovered she also has a talent for poetry. When asked if she’d like to give some insight into what it’s been like volunteering with us during lockdown, she was keen to express this in a poetic way and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thank you Lois for everything you do.

Volunteer Lockdown Poem
By Lois Shrimpton, June 2020

I volunteer at Stripey Stork
I’ve done it for some time
It started with Run Reigate
When I fell across the line!

My work had been with families
For many, many, years
I felt I understood the need
For services like these

When lockdown came the world went quiet
“Stay home, stay safe” they heeded
Not the case at Stripey Stork
Lots of help was needed

After I’d been home a while
And all my jobs were done
Charlotte called to ask me back
“Yes, Yes,” I said, I’ll come!

When I first went in to help
I missed the usual chatter
No-one even made me tea
But that didn’t really matter!

We all worked at a distance
A quick response to questions
Sorting out and packing up
Ready for collections

Many families needing help
For lots of girls and boys
Life was really difficult
They needed clothes and toys

When Jo came from the health team
She told us of the plight
Many more families fleeing abuse
To a safe place, day and night

Referrals kept on flooding in
More and more each day
We quickly made up clothing packs
And sent them on their way  

I also help in Merstham
And from there I heard a shout
A mum with kids, stuck in a flat
Who needed helping out

I knew that Stripey Stork could help
With clothes, soap and shampoo
All were packed into my car
And some treats for them too

The service Stripey gives
To families, it’s clear
Really makes a difference
And deserves a great big cheer!

If you are interested in volunteering at Stripey Stork when we are able to welcome new volunteers back to the warehouse once again, please express your interest by emailing Charlotte on We are going to be particularly busy, so your help will be needed and very much appreciated. By which time there should also be less contact risk, so we very much look forward to making our volunteers a morning tea or coffee to kick-start the day.

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