Santa Stork 2023

Bumper Fidget Box

About this gift...

A big bumper box with a great selection of fidget toys to allow children to pull, push, pop, stretch, twist, turn, bend, squeeze, squash and spin. A full mix of items in varying colours to ensure children will never run out of options on what to pick up.


Your monetary donation pledged will be used to buy a gift for a child in need. We will use the funds generated to buy Santa Stork gifts for the children referred to us, based on the gift requests we receive and items in stock.
Thank you for trusting us to make the best use of your donation and these children the Christmas they deserve. 

Donate an extra £5

£5 extra donation for parent gift or selection boxes

Add £5 to your donation, which will cover the cost of a parent/carer gift or two selection boxes - we like to include a selection box with every main children’s gift.

Donate an extra £2

Wrapping Paper

£2 extra towards wrapping paper, gift bag and tape

Add £2 to your donation so the family can wrap the gift for their child themselves.