Stripey Stork for Gatwick's Charity of the Year

Let's get the Stork flying - together!

Gatwick Airport enables over 46 million people to start their journey each year. We are asking Gatwick employees to vote for Stripey Stork to become the Charity of the Year from April 2020, for the next two years. This is your chance to support a local family starting the biggest adventure of their lives – becoming parents!

Stripey Stork – spreading our wings

Stripey Stork is a small local charity, with big ambitions, that transforms the lives of local families in need through the simple act of recycling. We take in baby equipment, toys and clothing (up to age 16) that families have outgrown and get them directly to those families who need them most. In 2019 we gave out items worth over £1 million, supporting over 2,500 families. It’s such a simple concept – reusing valuable items to help those most in need – but has such a big impact.

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Voting is open! This applies to all who work for Gatwick (directly or for a company which operates from within the airport e.g. airline, retail, construction). Voting is via their Airspace intranet, Gatwick community app. or you can email (stating name and where in the airport you work).

Voting closes on 22nd January 2020.

Tragically, growing up in poverty is a reality for many local families. Our support can make all the difference in enabling a family to spend money on rent and food, without worrying about the basics for their children. By voting for Stripey Stork, you will enable us to help over 6,500 local vulnerable families within a 25 mile radius of Gatwick over the next two years.

"What comes out of that warehouse is far more than practical – it’s the glue that holds communities together.
The message that says – you matter and we’ll help you get back on your feet."

Lena Abdu - Children & Family Health Surrey

Earn Your Stripes

If you vote in Stripey Stork for Gatwick’s Charity of the Year then we will encourage you to join our series of campaigns. This will range from our Stripes4Stripey day to our Christmas campaign, Santa Stork.  We love getting involved in challenge events like Run Reigate. Or maybe you’d like to set yourself a virtual challenge of your own? As your Charity of the Year we will work with you to design bespoke events – ‘earning your stripes’ for Team Stork!

Up for a challenge?

We have fundraising events all year round and would love for you to get involved!

Would you like to Run Reigate 2020 for us?

We'd love to have you on Team Stork for Run Reigate 2020 on Sunday 20th September. To express your interest for the 5k, 10k, half marathon or kid's race, email

Welcome to the Nest

Community partnerships are key to us delivering the service we have become known for. We love welcoming groups to our Reigate office and we offer busy, fun and highly rewarding days. You’ll be at the heart of our work – sorting and checking items ready to go out to a new family – and it’s so rewarding to know the real difference you have made by the end of each session.

"We gave it our all, and do you know what, when we left every single one of us felt incredibly inspired, motivated to do more
and emphatically rewarded. We had given our time but we had gotten so much more back in return."

Fidelity – Corporate Volunteering

Just some of the amazing fundraising events to get involved in!

Help us to reach even more local vulnerable families like in the stories below and join

Zauna’s new start

Written by a team member at Stripey Stork. As part of my role at Stripey Stork, I work with the referral sources to discover stories about families we’re helping to support. Some of the stories can be extremely harrowing and

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