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Feeling a little daunted with the kids being at home during this period of isolation? Please know that you are not alone. We understand – which is why we’ve been busy thinking about how we can help you to keep the kids entertained, whilst staying sane and keeping perspective on what’s important during these crazy times.

Keeping the kids entertained

Run Reigate – thinking ahead!

After feeling cooped up inside, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about a future when this will all be over and we have the freedom of infinite outside space once again. On Sunday 20th September the community comes together for the best local event in town and beyond – Run Reigate! We are now registering interest from those who would like to run on Team Stork for the award-winning half marathon, 10k, 5k or one of the kid’s races. Why not take the plunge – adults, children or even take part as a family – and email

Downloadable resources - a gift from Stripey

Cheer up your elderly neighbour by sending them your beautiful artwork, have a paper aeroplane flying competition over the fence with your neighbour’s children or brighten up your baking with these fab cake toppers. There’s fun to be had, you just need to know where to look. Share your creations on social media using #StripeyFun and we’ll add you to Stripey’s Wall of Fame below, don’t forget to tag us too!

Time for a sort out…

Although we have had to put a halt on receiving physical donations right now, this won’t last forever and once our warehouse is ready to receive your pre-loved items again, we’ll need to hit the ground running. We are all victims of placing freshly washed clothes on top of clothes you suspect have been outgrown, having toys and books which are no longer age appropriate at the bottom of the pile and tripping over that buggy or highchair which is no longer needed. With all this time at home, now’s the perfect time to start working through that ‘to do’ list and having that much-needed sort out – checking items are clean and organised for once we are ready to start accepting donations again. With the kids at home, you’ll be able to try clothes on them and negotiate which items they are ready to say goodbye to. Involve them in writing labels so you can mark the items by size and gender. Knowing they are potentially being passed on to a child in need may be the motivation they need. 
Once we are open for business as usual, then we’ll be revising our stock and publishing a new wish list of items we need. Then you’ll be ready to donate if the items match. Keep your eye on our website and social media channels for any donation news. 

Are the kids up for a challenge?

We are all being challenged right now, so why not make an activity of those issues surrounding the kids – make it fun and something they can ‘own’.   

Anyone can #EarnYourStripes with Stripey's virtual challenge...

Pick a challenge - this can be anything from a physical goal, an act of kindness like helping with deliveries to neighbours or friends who are isolating, a chore such as helping to clear the garden, or an indoor activity like a sponsored silence or bakeathon. The list is endless because you set the challenge. In exchange for a donation of £20.20 or £50 in fundraising, you'll receive your very own exclusive Stripey medal.

Shopping with kindness

We always say at Stripey Stork that kindness starts at a young age so, if you have the means, we encourage you to sit down with your children and pick an item(s) from our Amazon wish list which will be used to help another family in desperate need right now. With all this home schooling, the kids could be rewarded by choosing something after completing their school tasks for the week. Giving back is the best reward!

This list is being regularly updated with items we need at any given time such as essential toiletries, nappies, wipes, stationery and craft items. Helping in this tangible way is a great example of kindness and will help everyone gain some perspective. 

Stripey would like to send you a letter...

How lovely to receive your very own letter from our mascot Stripey - who wants to say hi and see how you are getting on at home, with some ideas to keep you entertained. No need to feel isolated with Stripey on the case. Just ask your parents to pop all required details in the form below and one letter per family will be sent free of charge.

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Stripey's Wall of Fame

If you want to donate some of your pocket money, or if your parents want to donate a small amount from the costs they are saving from not travelling to work, then here’s a link to our COVID-19 Appeal.

Other useful resources

We’ve been searching the internet for other ideas, the following are not endorsed by Team Stork as such, but we think you’ll find them useful:

  • Coronavirus: a book for children – a free, downloadable book to explain the coronavirus to children, with illustrations by Alex Scheffler.  
  • Twinkl – a particularly good resource as they have created a school closure resource pack for free, full of worksheets, activities and games.
  • Five Minute Mum blog – a useful blog post full of ideas and signposting of what to do with young children at home.
  • Girl Guiding website – with lots of activities broken down into ages 4-7, 7-10, 10-14 and 14-18.
  • COVID-19 time capsule – a free, downloadable worksheet by LONG creations, which will make a keepsake of this moment forever. 
  • Rainbow hunt – one idea which is doing the rounds to help spread the joy and positivity amongst children during periods of social distancing is to draw or paint a picture of a rainbow and hang it in your window. You could always use the Stripey colouring sheet (downloadable above) to colour in all the colours of the rainbow. Those children able to leave their home can go rainbow spotting.
  • Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach – will be holding 30-minute live PE lessons at 9am Monday to Friday on his YouTube channel for children of all ages. What a great way to jump start kids (and parents) into getting on with the day. 
  • Store cupboard heroes – some cooking recipe suggestions from Mumsnet, using store cupboard ingredients.
  • Coronavirus financial help and rights – useful article from the MoneySavingExpert which covers sick pay, mortgages, rental help, energy top-ups and cancelled events.